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Acme Magic Banner Exchange

Posted on 23rd Oct 2011 @ 8:35 PM

Magic City would like to introduce the Acme Magic Exchange.  Join the exchange and let us know your account number.  Spend only $200.00 a month with us and you get a FREE paid membership.  That's right,  Maintain $200 a month or more with us and you get a free paid memebership with Acme Magic.

Check out some of the details below:

Do you really want to boost your web traffic?
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The Acme Magic Banner Exchange is an easy way to convert your advertising dollars into paying customers! Acme Magic serves banners on over 200 PLUS magic-related web sites and is the largest targeted magic banner exchange in the world. Target the magic market with precision!

Other popular websites charge more than $250 a month with very little return. Your ads can hit market saturation in just three months on those sites, yet you're expected to keep paying big money month after month without results. Pay as little as $50 a month with the Acme Magic Banner Exchange and you'll constantly convert new customers!

The Acme Magic Banner Exchange GUARANTEES your absolute satisfaction! Get the results you want, or we'll work with you until you do. It's Acme Magic, home of the world's largest magic specific banner exchange!


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